Turning hidden depths into meaningful answers

Our brand-new, patented tomosynthesis algorithms solve the problem of traditionally slow multi-slice reconstruction.  A single sweep provides multiple tomographic slices that are quickly reconstructed into images with less noise and fewer artefacts.

As part of the Agfa DR solution, digital tomosynthesis combines multi-slice reconstruction with a fast and efficient general radiology workflow.

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Generating slices, even when thick, gives depth information and removes the problem of superposed anatomy in projection radiography which can hide pathologies behind dense tissue.

Due to the limited angle sweep, tomoynthesis is not equivalent to CT, but gives sufficient depth information to look behind dense structures.

Typical clinical applications are: Orthopedics (microfractures, weight bearing exams), Pneumology (lung nodule detection), Urology (kidney stones),…

Tomosynthesis is an upgraded GenRad exam, filling the gap between 2D GenRad and CT:

  • Dose levels comparable to a GenRad exam
  • Workflow significantly faster than CT
  • GenRad-size field of view
  • GenRad in-plane resolution





“Having the digital tomosynthesis with our DR 800 offers us an additional imaging choice that speeds up diagnosis. It reveals things that might not be visible with classical X-ray. Yet it can be done without moving the patient from the X-ray department.”

Robert Zbyslaw, Radiologist, Ilawa Hospital, Poland

“With the DR 800 and digital tomosynthesis, I can do the imaging right away, see the image on the screen, and then decide immediately whether additional imaging exams, such as CT, are necessary. Digital tomosynthesis thus fills the gap between classical X-ray and CT.”

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Digital Tomosynthesis on DR 800 and DR 600

A method for patient care and hospital productivity

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Clinical References

  • Poster ECR 2019 / C-2414 – Digital tomosynthesis in diagnostic of spondylitis: The results of bone destruction detection on the DT appeared to be higher than DR results, yet similar to CT.
  • European Journal of Radiology: Digital Tomosynthesis (DTS) improves diagnostic confidence when compared to a repeat PA and lateral CXR in the diagnosis of both suspected hilar lesions and pulmonary nodules detected on CXR.
  • Post-operative digital tomosynthesis (DTS) provides more visibility than digital radiography (DR) to confirm placement of orthopedic hardware following trauma or arthrodesis in the hand and wrist, according to a study published in Clinical Radiology.
  • Cancer Research Treatment Journal: Usefulness of Digital Tomosynthesis for the Detection of Airway Obstruction: A Case Report of Bronchial Carcinosarcoma.
  • According to a study published in the European Journal of Radiology: Digital tomosynthesis (DT) performed “significantly” better than ultrasonography (USG) in detecting stones formed in the ureters
  • Korea University – A comparison of digital tomosynthesis and chest radiography in evaluating airway lesions using computed tomography as a reference: Digital tomosynthesis is more sensitive and accurate than radiography for airway lesions. • Digital tomosynthesis shows better image quality than radiography. • Assessment of lesion severity, via tomosynthesis is comparable to computed tomography.
  • Journal of Endourology – Application of digital tomosynthesis in the diagnosis of urolithiasis: comparison with MDCT: Digital tomosynthesis has great diagnostic value in urolithiasis. Compared with MDCT, digital tomosynthesis can significantly decrease ESD for patients and financial loan with the similar detection rate.

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