DR 800

Multitool of Digital Imaging


  • MUSICA with dynamic image processing and workflow
  • DR 800 is not the “remote room” of the past. You can choose to work in the room table-side with the patient or remote!
  • Advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detectors offering high-speed, high-resolution imaging and potential for a lower dose
  • LiveVision Technology allowing accurate dose-free remote positioning

  • High-frequency fluoroscopy generators (50, 65 or 80 kW)
  • Uncompromising chest imaging through 180 cm SID
  • Integrated auto-switching anti-scatter grid
  • X-Team Technology for collaboration between Radiologists & Technologists
  • Advanced clinical applications including full leg/full spine examinations and digital tomosynthesis

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‘Leveraging the Benefits of Multi-functional Radiology Imaging Technology’

Nerve Center
Intelligent tools for your
Digital Radiography workflow

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“DR 800 is simply market-leading. Dynamic images often have lower resolution, but DR 800 provides amazing detail both for moving and static images.”

Nigel Beeton, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, UK

The Trust is one of 17 hospitals named a ‘Global Digital Exemplar’ by the NHS. These are internationally recognized NHS care providers that deliver exceptional care, efficiently, through the world-class use of digital technology and information flows.

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“We were looking for a new fluoroscopy room, and were very impressed by the DR 800, which not only provides better image quality and detail than our previous system, but also offers general
X-ray capability.”

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“We have been very happy with the image quality and lower patient radiation dose of our DR 600 rooms, so we were confident that the DR 800 could meet our needs. In addition, it has the same user interface as our DR 600 rooms.”

Rosie Freeman,
Radiology Clinical Manager, Royal United Hospitals Bath

Full Leg Full Spine
Minimizes distortions for high-precision imaging.

Accurate dose-free remote positioning
Providing a first-person camera view of your patient, allowing you to position patients without using radiation before the main exposure.

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Hospitals including Florida Hospital’s flagship facility, Celebration Health, choose the new Agfa multi-purpose R&F system powered with MUSICA® Dynamic to replace aging rad-fluoro systems.

“Our goal is to increase productivity while continually working toward our mission to provide exceptional, whole-person care.”

Elizabeth Evans, modality manager at Florida Hospital Imaging Enterprise.

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“The DR 800 is increasing our patient throughput, while maximizing the use of the room. Workflow is smoother, and the image quality is excellent. Our radiologists are very pleased with the image quality, room features and are excited we have added digital tomosynthesis capability for challenging exams.  Additionally, the potential reduction in dose helps us meet our commitment to patients; to provide high quality and safer patient care.”

Marcus Foster, Director of Radiology Services at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.

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Digital Imaging Multi-Tool

With the DR 800, you have a whole range of features and technologies that minimize exam preparation time, procedure time and image acquisition.

Unrivalled positioning freedom, a highly optimized interface and MUSICA’s consistent image quality come together to help you assure a better patient experience.

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Find X-ray room pain-points and Agfa’s response.

Choose intelligence

With Agfa’s comprehensive DR portfolio, you know that, any way you choose, you are making the smart choice. Because each of our DR solutions includes intelligent MUSICA image processing, for “first-time-right” images with the possibility to reduce dose. That’s intelligence you can count on.

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What does MULTI-PURPOSE mean to you?

Fully integrated digital imaging, with MUSICA image processing for Radiography and for Dynamic imaging? A wide range of features combining unrivalled positioning freedom with workflow improvements? Yes, the DR 800 delivers all that, and much more!


Versatility and a great financial value?

Supporting general radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications such as full leg/full spine examinations and large filed/low dose tomosynthesis, this highly versatile, fully integrated digital imaging solution offers performance, ease of use and flexibility. One investment for a broad range of applications encompasses all types of exams, so you don’t need additional specialty rooms.

Superior workflow offering enhanced efficiency and patient satisfaction

DR 800 technology minimizes exam preparation time, procedure time and the wait for images. Unrivalled positioning freedom, a highly optimized GUI and MUSICA’s consistent image quality come together for a better patient experience.

Moreover remote control and in-room control capability, auto positioning, 180 cm Source Imaging Distance (SID) and radiation-free video positioning enhance patient and operator satisfaction, comfort and safety.

MUSICA goes Dynamic

Powerful Dynamic MUSICA image processing assures superb image quality and the lowest possible dose with a more efficient workflow.

The diagnosis is in the detail

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.

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Решения компании Agfa по цифровой рентгенографии задуманы таким образом, чтобы обеспечивать оптимальный баланс между низкой дозой облучения и высоким качеством изображений, предлагая при этом инструменты для контролирования экспозиции пациента.

Прочтите всё об этом

* В ходе испытания, проведенного сертифицированными радиологами, было определено, что детекторы на основе бромида цезия (CR) и йодида цезия (DR) при использовании вместе с системой обработки изображений MUSICA могут обеспечить снижение дозы порядка 50–60 % (по сравнению с традиционными CR-системами на основе фтор-бромида бария). За дополнительной информацией обратитесь в компанию Agfa!

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