• “With our DR solutions, the patient is usually in and out in 15 minutes – about half of the time it took before.” FIONA ROOKE, Diagnostic Services Manager, Yeovil District Hospital, UK
  • “We can carry out high quality imaging exams, with the lowest patient radiation dose reasonably achievable, while benefiting from an exceptional economic value.” MAX GRADY Administrative Director of Radiology, Kettering Health Network, US

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Digital Radiology meets Artificial Intelligence

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Explore with our clinical specialists the latest MUSICA features:

  • MUSICA Nerve Center provides Efficiency and Intelligence – driven by AI and Machine Learning
  • MUSICA Flex offers unprecedented flexibility to match the image processing to the radiologist’s tastes…
  • MUSICA Analytics transforms data into Quality and Performance insights.
  • Deep Learning algorithm automatically adjusts images as they should be presented to the radiologist
  • Dose Management through Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) and Extended Dose Reporting
  • Cyber-Security & Encryption: Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to provide the highest security over computer networks
  • Compliance to the latest healthcare standards: HIPAA, IHE, EMR, DICOM, NEMA,…

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We enable ANY hospital to go DR!

  • Regardless of size or budget, but always powered by MUSICA
  • Our scalable DR solutions range all the way from entry level mobile DR
    to state-of-the-art automated rooms incl. fluoroscopy.
  • A team of product specialists will be online & ready to answer all your questions.


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