July 15-19, 2020, Vienna, Austria
European launch of our NEW groundbreaking DR

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Explore with our clinical specialists the latest MUSICA functionalities:

  • MUSICA Nerve Center provides Efficiency and Intelligence –
    driven by AI and Machine Learning
  • MUSICA Analytics transforms data into Quality and Performance insights.
  • Deep Learning algorithm automatically adjusts images as they should be presented to the radiologist
  • Dose Management through Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRL) and Extended Dose Reporting
  • Cyber-Security & Encryption: Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to provide the highest security over computer networks
  • Compliance to the latest healthcare standards: HIPAA, IHE, EMR, DICOM, NEMA,…

March 11-15, 2020, Vienna, Austria
Worldwide launch of Digital Tomosynthesis powered by MUSICA

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We enable ANY hospital to go DR!

  • Regardless of size or budget, but always powered by MUSICA
  • Our scalable DR solutions range all the way from entry level mobile DR
    to state-of-the-art automated rooms incl. fluoroscopy.
  • Technologists from various hospitals will give real life demonstrations how they use our DR solutions in their respective hospital.


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