DR 100e compact, mobile imaging system

Easy does it!

Not all patients who need imaging exams have the mobility to move to the X-ray room. So if the patient can’t get to imaging, imaging must come to the patient!

Enter the DR 100e: your compact, mobile imaging system that makes bedside and ICU imaging convenient and cost-effective. Quickly maneuver it down even narrow corridors, set it up right where you need it, and give your patient a comfortable imaging experience. The powerful X-ray generator and excellent DR quality, including MUSICA image processing, provide maximum cost-effectiveness and performance.

  • Comfortable imaging experience for patient and operator
  • Short exposure times and fast assessment of images after exposure
  • Outstanding image quality and dose reduction potential
  • Seamless connectivity with PACS, HIS/RIS and imagers
  • Wireless detector for improved flexibility and infection control
  • Your path to Direct Digital at your own pace
  • Equipped with a powerful generator of up to 32KW


With its convenient handling and compact size, the DR 100e offers improved comfort for patient and operator alike.

Easy maneuverability for challenging tasks

The mobile DR 100e is specially designed for the confined spaces and hallways of hospitals and clinics.

Easily maneuvered to any location, its small width makes it ideal for the limited area in the ICU or at the patient’s bedside. A choice of a fixed or rotating column offers maximum handling flexibility for every budget. So even the smallest healthcare facility can cope with challenging imaging tasks.

Wireless mobility for improved flexibility and infection control

The wireless capability of the DR 100e provides excellent flexibility, improving your overall workflow. In addition, the lack of trailing cable makes it a more hygienic solution, enhancing its suitability for ICU, pediatrics and neonatal areas.

Direct Digital, on the go!

The DR 100e comes in analog and digital versions. The analog version supports both a CR and screen film workflow, while offering you a path to DR at your own pace.

With the digital version, you can enjoy the productivity benefits of Direct Digital, including a lower cost per exam. Captured images can be validated immediately after exposure; should a retake be required, it can be made straightaway. The efficient image acquisition, preview and finishing permits a faster exam time, with improved operator productivity and patient comfort.


With the DR 100e, you don’t have to choose between convenience and quality: you get the fast, high-quality images needed for diagnostic confidence.

A full range of applications

For the digital version, choose your digital detector depending on your needs: DR 14e, DR 17s, DR 10s or DR 14s. The detectors fit into any standard bucky tray, and can be easily removed for versatility in all exams, patients and applications.

And whether you choose the digital or analog version, you can make, process and view X-ray images of the skeleton (including skull, spinal column and extremities), chest, abdomen and other body parts on adult, pediatric or neonatal patients, optimizing your investment and productivity.

Higher image quality and dose reduction potential

The ‘gold standard’ MUSICA image processing has been specially adapted and tuned to further enhance the excellent DR image quality. Exam-independent, it provides consistent image quality and high contrast detail.

Time after time, the excellent image quality also gives the potential for significant dose reduction without the need for manual adjustments when using Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector technology – which is especially important for pediatric and neonatal environments!

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