Asagi, a female lion at Belgium’s Bellewaerde zoo, recently went through a health screening to make sure she is fit for breeding. The health check included X-rays of her thorax, vertebrae and knees. Her keepers took advantage of the situation to check and care for her teeth at the same time: good dental hygiene is critical for big cats’ health!

To carry out the screening, the vets used Agfa’s Mobile DR Retrofit solution, with MUSICA image processing and the compact, wireless DR 14s detector. The DR Retrofit includes a trolley for maximum mobility, while the DR 14s Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) speeds up exams, eases patient positioning (even with a 177kg lion) and supports high-quality imaging, even in challenging environments. MUSICA image processing analyzes each image and automatically applies the appropriate image enhancement parameters independent of the exam type.

Thanks to modern medicine and imaging, vets and carers can make sure that big cats like Asagi get the care they need to live happy, healthy, long lives.