At present, all over the world, 535 million children live in areas affected by emergency situations. By a cyclone in Bangladesh, famine in the Horn of Africa or the war in Syria. These are three crises that you most probably have heard of, but there are many more emergencies that do not receive media attention.

Every day, UNICEF works very hard to provide all those children as quickly as possible with the most vital things such as food, medication and water. But education, protection and reconstruction are equally essential. After all, it is not just about a quick fix, UNICEF also wants to take care of the reconstruction, of rebuilding safe communities, better than before.

To give the children the future they deserve, UNICEF counts on the UNICEF Emergency Fund to provide assistance and funding.

In Belgium, UNICEF is looking for 30 companies to raise a joint 300,000 euros for the UNICEF Emergency Fund : With 30 for a better future.

Agfa HealthCare gladly responded to UNICEF’s request and is proud to support the Emergency Fund.

For more information on UNICEF’s Emergency Fund, watch this short video or access the website (in Dutch or French).