Every year the Agfa Dealers and employees from Latin America used to meet at the annual event called AgfaMed.
In 2021 due to Covid-19 it was impossible to be together on this event, Agfa Latam organized on February 24th & 25th a Virtual online Kick Off for all employees and Dealers of Latin America to discuss and align the company’s vision and strategies.
To make the event more attractive to the participants, an interactive dedicated platform was created to broadcast the event live.
The event format was like a Live TV Show, with a virtual stage for the presenters and counted with the participation of more than 10 external links from leaders in Belgium and Latin America.
In total, 346 people from 20 different countries accessed the platform to watch the event, 140 from Agfa and 206 Dealers.
The content of the event’s agenda included interactive sessions: Agfa’s growth plan, results 2020 & challenges 2021, Services, Team Building, Future Talks with HQ and Dealer’s Awards.
The complexity of the event included simultaneous translation to 3 languages, 7-hour time zone differences from Belgium to Mexico and more tan 10 external links to be broadcasted in the event.
A Contest was made with the most creative Photo with the hashtag #KickOffAgfaLatam2021 and more than 50 pictures were shared on the participant’s timelines on social media.
In the end, the event was evaluated in a satisfaction survey and 85% of the participants graded the event as Good/Excellent (grades 8 to 10).

Text in Spanish and Portuguese