Agfa announces the launch in China of the DR 100s high-productivity, ergonomic, mobile DR imaging solution, at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), which ran from 13-16 May, in Shanghai. With a customer-driven design and the MUSICA® imaging workstation for image processing and workflow, the DR 100s meets the real, clinical needs for more safe and efficient medical imaging in the Chinese healthcare environment.

Launching the DR 100s in this market sets the benchmark for medical imaging quality and demonstrates Agfa’s commitment to speeding up its growth and presence in the country.

“Agfa is committed to bringing high-quality products to China’s medical imaging industry. The DR 100s is built on the same proven technologies as all Agfa solutions, enabling a reduction of radiation dose by more than half, while still providing better imaging details. Along with a comfortable, productive and user-friendly imaging experience, the DR 100s sets a high-quality/low-dose benchmark for the radiography industry,” said Dennis Long, Agfa’s Managing Director of Greater China.

“The launch of the DR 100s in China has been the fastest ever, due to both China’s emphases on the high-end medical equipment industry, and to the strategic importance of the Chinese market to Agfa. Agfa is deeply integrated in the Chinese market, and actively responds to policy calls. With more than 100 years of solid experience and a constant focus on technological innovation, Agfa’s decision to accelerate the launch of the high-productivity, ergonomic DR 100s clearly demonstrates our consideration of and commitment to this key market,” said Mr. Suresh Ranganathan, Vice President of Asian Pacific.

“Agfa is increasing the transfer of product manufacturing to China and collaborating with local industry chain partners for production bases in the country. We hope to bring more technical resources and advanced products into the Chinese market, benefiting doctors and patients through a better medical experience. The accelerated launch of the DR 100s emphasizes the strategic importance of China to Agfa’s vision of building its global presence with the support of China’s infrastructure and resources,” concludes Dennis Long.

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