Agfa announces that the Buttstädt Surgery Practice, Germany, has switched to digital imaging with the DX-D 300 U-arm X-ray solution, following a competitive tender. Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, the implementation was completed in March 2020, and the new direct radiography (DR) X-ray system put into operation, delivering a faster workflow, better image quality and lower patient radiation dose for the surgery practice.

“Modernizing our imaging set-up had become a necessity: we needed access to digital images to be able to work effectively across two sites. In addition, our focus was firmly on enhancing patient care. The DX-D 300 answered those needs, including a patient radiation dose reduction of up to 70% , compared to conventional X-ray imaging,” says Uwe Koch, Managing Director of the Robert Koch Hospital Apolda.

Doctor Siegfried Schmelzer from the Buttstädt Surgery Practice adds: “Changing over from our long-term imaging processes was not easy. But even after such a short time using the DR system, our staff would already not choose to go back. They have even given the DX-D 300 unit a name, ‘Elsa’, which I believe clearly shows how it has become an integral part of our practice.”

“We are delighted to have been chosen to take imaging at the Buttstädt Surgery Practice digital, and that the DX-D 300 with MUSICA has so quickly demonstrated its value to patient and staff alike. In a second part of the tender, another DX-D 300 has been selected for installation at the Robert Koch Hospital Apolda. We look forward to building a strong relationship with the hospital,” comments Frank Barzen, Head of Marketing & Pre-Sales, Agfa Europe.

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