Happy Pride Day!

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At Agfa we believe that diversity allows us to create a more humane and emphathetic enviroment. This is why today we celebrate the steps we take every day to be a fully inclusive and egalitarian world. A place where everybody is comfortable to be their full and best self. Happy Pride Day!!

Happy Pride Month

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It’s the beginning of June and it’s nice to see the rainbow flag flying again at Agfa headquarters. This month, we celebrate the diverse team we are and the steps we take every day to become a fully inclusive and equal workplace. Further improving in diversity, equity and inclusion are part of the focus points of [...]

World Health Day

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A better world starts with health for all. That’s the thinking that keeps Agfa evolving, to bring the benefits of radiology technology and innovation to millions of people around the world. Empowering professionals and delivering care the way it should be delivered: this is what makes us proud. This is what makes us Agfa Radiology Solutions.

Empowering Xray Experts

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We had a great start of the year with the launch of our new Agfa Radiology Solutions identity! At Agfa Radiology Solutions, we’re committed to our vision to transform radiology by bringing intelligent and definitive answers to patients. We will achieve this transformation by Empowering X-ray Experts with solutions that meet their daily needs.  Our new [...]

October 21st is Clinical Engineering Day

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In 2006, October 21st was designated Global Clinical Engineering Day. It celebrates clinical engineers and their role in global health and patient care. The American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) describes the profession as "supporting and advancing patient care by applying engineering and managerial skills to healthcare technology." Global Clinical Engineering Day is celebrated annually to honor our [...]

Agfa Radiology Solutions supports the local Radiology societies of Central Asia.

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At Agfa we are proud to support the local Radiology societies in Central Asia. From June 13th to June 24th, the Kazakh Radiology Society -  with the support of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA ) and the Asian Oceania Society of Radiology (AOSR ) - hosted the Central Asian School of Radiology in Nur-Sultan, [...]

April is #celebratediversitymonth

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April is #celebratediversitymonth #diversity #agfa At Agfa, we want to empower employees to thrive in a diverse and inclusive organization with equal opportunities. - As a global industry player, we have 81 nationalities cooperating every day. This diversity enriches our organization as the engine of Agfa’s performance, innovation and overall culture. - Our offices, R&D centers and factories around [...]

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