#RSNA20: SmartXR puts X-ray intelligence at work – SmartRotate

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Not all images are taken in an X-ray room, with the detector in a bucky. Whether at the bedside or in the X-ray room, the detector can be upside down, oriented in portrait or landscape mode, etc. The resulting image then has to be adjusted to the correct orientation with an additional manual action. SmartRotate always [...]

#RSNA20: Care to Compare our artificial intelligence SmartXR

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Agfa is advancing intelligence with our newest breakthrough, SmartXR, which will transform radiology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for more convenience and Performance in Digital Radiology to empower and support radiologists. With features like SmartRotate, SmartAlign, SmartDose and SmartPositioning , it improves image consistency and reduces retakes to save time and hassle in radiography. More info on [...]

#RSNA20: Links to Featured Demo’s & AI Theater

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We are looking forward to the opening of RSNA 2020! Links will not work until RSNA 2020 launches on Sunday, November 29 at 8:00 am CST. The person clicking on the link must be a registered attendee and be logged in or they will be stopped to register and/or login and the direct link will not [...]

#IDoR2020: Ninth International Day of Radiology

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On November 8, radiologists, radiographers, radiological technologists and professionals from related fields will celebrate the ninth International Day of Radiology (IDoR 2020) all over the world. Let’s celebrate together! Why do we celebrate IDoR on Nov 8 each year? Because Wilhelm Röntgen produced electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range known as #xrays on this day 125 [...]

Enable your radiology department to operate at it’s full potential

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Optimize your investment up time and protect against unforeseen events. Our portfolio of maintenance, support, and consulting addresses your daily business and operational excellence. Our service specialists around the world are there to help you running your department, keeping system uptime and improving quality.

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