Kasturba Hospital, Sevagram, India is a part of the renowned teaching institute i.e. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science.  With 100 beds dedicated to COVID-19 positive patients, it is the only facility for inpatient care of  COVID-19 patients in the Wardha District.

Agfa India has installed its DR Retrofit DX-D 40 detector in the isolation ward of the hospital.  To support the fight against COVID-19,  the Agfa team also provided its advance MUSICA 3 Chest+ software,  to make chest examinations up to 30% faster and to achieve more details for diagnosis. The  improved workflow and achieved superior image quality were of the utmost importance for this department fighting the Corona pandemic.  Agfa field service engineer Mr. Vijay Tiwade travelled 180kms to install the system in these intense COVID-19 conditions.