The High Complexity Caribbean Clinic in the city of Valledupar – Colombia was created in order to provide high quality care to an area that had few hospital resources and almost no High Complexity services. It is currently a comprehensive institution that provides all kinds of services to patients without having the need to transfer them to larger hospitals. During the Covid-19 pandemic they have reinforced their radiology services, specially the x-ray department due the growing demand for chest x-rays. So, they acquired an Agfa DR 100e analog system, a CR 15-X and a Retrofit DR 14-e with the Kit Mobile solution, to digitalize their current mobile x-ray equipment. They choose the Agfa DR Detector because of the service, support, image quality and MUSICA processing.
The software Chest+ was already installed with this client and the DR 100e is also serving in the battle against the COVID-19.