Agfa installed a DR 100s mobile system in Englewood Hospital, New Jersey, which is in the middle of the worst Covid-19 hot zone in the US.  The system was urgently needed to move into patient care to help with the volume of patients being treated.

Engelwood hospital didn’t want Agfa to send an applications person on site, so service and sales had to figure out how to get the hospital started using the system – remotely.

Jeff Digratis, Agfa’s local service engineer, went into the hospital with his laptop to host a webex ,while Lindsey Smith, DR specialist from Charlotte, NC, went into the Agfa Greenville offices to show the hospital how to use the DR 100s by using one of the units in Greenville as an example via the webex.  Also Jennifer Hungerford, applications specialist did her part.

After 1 hour,  the DR 100s mobile went directly into patient care! #CountOnUs