To show their appreciation, Drs van Rensburg and Partners Southern Africa Inc, have sent us a letter to testify about the impact of the COVID pandemic on their hospital and the difference the use of the Agfa DR panel has made.

“Using the Agfa  DR Retrofit panel and adding it to our mobile systems, has had a tremendous impact on the radiographer’s lives,  especially with its high-speed image acquisition and excellent image quality, providing a high-speed workflow for radiographers, during these crucial COVID-19 times.” the letter says…

“The images produced with the new imaging plate allow easier interpretation and have superior image quality comparing to previous images obtained.  Little or no exposure settings need to change during the report, this allows for more accurate and faster report output in our department”.  –Dr H.T. Mistry, Radiologist, Drs van Rensburg and Partners Southern Africa Inc.

“Due to longer working hours and minimum staff during the pandemic, the Agfa DR Retroft plate has increased the workflow of radiographers.  I would like to thank Agfa for sponsoring the DR plate to our department, I would also like to thank Carika Smit and the Agfa team that made it possible and installed the system in our department.  We are extremely grateful”. – Chantal Vermaak, Head Radiographer, Drs van Rensburg and Partners Southern Africa Inc.

Read the full letter here.