With a global pandemic raging, already-busy hospitals are under extraordinary pressure. In Barnaul, Russia, Municipal Clinical Hospital no. 11 has been named a Covid-19 care site for children and pregnant women. This loyal Agfa customer has recently added three Agfa mobile direct radiography (DR) Retrofits, and the MUSICA Chest+ gridless chest imaging software, to its portfolio of digital Agfa imaging solutions. The new equipment is helping the hospital meet its need for fast, high‑quality, hygienic bedside imaging – to address the current, elevated demands, as well as the hospital’s more usual, high-productivity needs.

The hospital had already ordered the DR Retrofits and the MUSICA Chest+ software, before Covid-19 hit. Dr. Kolomiets, Chief doctor a the hospital describes: “They have been such an advantage for us: we can use them right where they are needed, while maintaining full sanitary and epidemiological measures. The images are sent immediately to the radiologists’ offices for reading, which is critical for dealing with this type of outbreak. And if necessary, we can move any of these systems very quickly to any ICU.”

“With Covid-19, we need to be able to divide the flow of patients very quickly, into clear and suspected cases,” adds Dr. Olga Larionova, Head of the X-ray department. “The speed and mobility of the DR Retrofits increases our productivity. With the heavier workload, including the addition of another neurovascular unit, this is a very important advantage.”

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