The Italian Augusta Navy has sent a mobile truck equipped with radiological equipment into the field for on-site chest X-rays of soldiers in isolation.  Amongst the systems on the truck are the Agfa DX-D 300  system , a compact but complete X-ray solution and  the Agfa Retrofit solution.   Both systems, enhanced with MUSICA image processing, fit this purpose really well.

The mobile truck, promoted by the Regional Department of Health with operational coordination of the IRCCS Bonino Pulejo of Messina, was immediately adopted by the Syracuse Regional Health Department, for monitoring the military personnel on the Morgattini ship, who had tested positive to COVID in the past few days and are currently in isolation.   Soldiers in isolation at home are now all equipped with devices for H24 health monitoring.  If one of their parameters is unsatisfactory, an immediate alert informs the operations center and the medical procedure for an in-depth diagnosis starts.

Read the full article, published in SiciliaNews24 (in italian) here.