For Powiatowy Szpital w Ilawie, implementing the DR 800 with digital tomosynthesis has added a key new tool to its imaging portfolio: one that gives the hospital’s radiologists more choices than found in legacy equipment. By using multi-slice image reconstruction, the DR 800 provides the depth to see beyond dense structures, revealing more details than classical X-rays. Yet it uses the low radiation dose and fast workflow of general radiography. It thus can fill the gap between X-ray and CT, supporting radiologists to diagnose X-ray images that are often too complex to read due to anatomical overlap, without sending the patient to another department. This means greater convenience and comfort for staff and patient alike.

Digital tomosynthesis is only one of the features Dr. Robert Zbyslaw, Radiologist, Ilawa Hospital, Poland appreciates from the ergonomic, flexible DR 800, which is the digital imaging ‘multi-tool’ of the hospital’s radiology department. “The DR 800 is efficient and fast, and the MUSICA image processing for both static and dynamic images is excellent.” says Dr. Zbyslaw, ” We get clear images with very good quality and resolution. With the immediate image availability and centralized workfl ow, we can see more patients, increasing our productivity. This is very useful in a hospital like ours, where we have more and less busy moments: with the DR 800, even during our ‘rush’ hours, everything keeps moving quickly and smoothly.”

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