SmartXR puts Agfa’s proven expertise in imaging into play.
It brings Artifical Intelligence to your digital radiography equipment at the point of care, it helps you by lightening your workload and providing image acquisition support. One of the SmartXR features, SmartRotate is now available on all Agfa’s CR and DR systems *.

* Windows 10 system with latest version of MUSICA Acquisition workstation

Fewer post-processing actions

SmartRotate always presents the image ready for viewing, automatically.
It uses a Deep Neural Net to interpret the image contents, and then rotates the image accordingly. By reducing post-processing actions, the radiographer saves time and can focus on imaging, not rotating. This also ensures the images are consistently presented on the PACS, allowing better comparison with priors.

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“If you have people with less training, technology can help them get the correct positioning or avoid retakes. It can support them to make sure that the image is consistent.”

Prof. De Mey, Chair Radiology, UZ Brussels

How much time can SmartRotate save?

Recent data shows that 83% of all bedside chest X-rays require manual intervention to rotate images. Radiographers at medium and large hospitals do more than 70,000 manual clicks each year to rotate chest images on portable X-ray machines.*
This works out to an average of nearly 20 hours, or almost three full working days annually. And that is just for chest x-rays. SmartRotate works on hand, feet and abdomen exams as well.

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