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“Although we have three X-ray rooms, we now perform about 80% of our images with the DR 600, and it takes less time than
before! That means we can see more patients, while keeping their experience fast and smooth. The DR 600 and SmartXR® are an excellent solution for a busy hospital that wants to invest in the best technology for patient care.”

Dr. R. Mohandhas, Orthopedic surgeon and owner of Sushrushah Hospitals, India

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“If you have people with less training, technology can help them get the correct positioning or avoid retakes. It can support them to make sure that the image is consistent, with a good dose. Technology like SmartXR can offer the solution for this.”
Prof. De Mey, Chair Radiology, UZ Brussels

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“SmartXR has fine-tuned some of our examinations. When we leave the room to go behind the screen, we still can see the patient via the camera. If we see them move, we can correct this before we do the exposure, saving the patient a dose of radiation.”
Harrison Jenefer (RLN) City Hospitals Sunderland – Senior Radiographer

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“Automatically getting exposure parameters that are correct for the specific patient , ensures the radiologist can get the most information from the image, saving both the radiographer and the radiologist time.”
Prof. Dr. med. univ. Thomas Lehnert, Chefarzt of RNS Gemeinschaftspraxis Radiologie, Wiesbaden

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SmartDose uses  3D machine vision to determine the thickness of the patient, and then tailors exposure parameters specifically for that patient’s anatomy.

  • Faster dose setting
  • Fewer retakes
  • Improved image consistency
  • Patient tailored dose

SmartDose feature is still work-in-progress and therefore has a limited release. Talk to your sales representative to know more about it.

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SmartRotate always presents the image ready for viewing, automatically.  By reducing post-processing actions, the radiographer saves time and can focus on imaging.

  • Fewer post-processing actions
  • More consistent image presentation
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The SmartAlign tool uses advanced sensing to give live feedback on the accuracy of tube-to-panel alignment during bedside or out-of-bucky exams. Making alignment faster, easier and more precise.


  • Faster accurate alignment
  • Reduced retakes due to misalignment
  • More consistent projections
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SmartPositioning augments the LiveVision camera stream with Smart Overlays to project the image area onto the patient’s body.

  • Faster positioning
  • Reduced retakes
  • More consistent positioning
  • Continuous learning
  • Remote repositioning
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LiveVision provides a first-person camera view of the patient, allowing patient positioning without using radiation before the main exposure.

It provides key information on the patient to both the Smart Positioning and Smart Dose tools:

  • Reduced patient dose
  • Fewer retakes
  • Faster positioning

LiveVision enhance both operational efficiency and clinical performance.

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SmartXR: Potential Gains

SmartXR versus no SmartXR

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