In Kuopio (Finland), the Kuopion Eläinlääkärikeskus (KEK) animal clinic provides high-quality, holistic healthcare to companion and working dogs, as well as other family pets. KEK specializes in orthopedics – including fracture, knee and spinal surgery – and often receives referrals from around Finland. So fast, high-quality imaging is a must. Agfa’s mobile DR 100e, MUSICA image processing and SE Suite for image archiving and distribution are helping KEK meet the organizational and care challenges of a busy clinical environment.

“We see around 1000 patients each month, nearly 75% of which are dogs: pets, hunting dogs, working/agility dogs and service dogs (police, security, armed forces, etc.). Cats make up about 20% and then the rest are exotics, which are usually even smaller in size,” explains veterinarian Sinikka Sarpanen, KEK CEO and DVM.  The clinic adopted digital imaging many years ago, with a CR 30-X computed radiography (CR) solution from Agfa. After years of heavy use, it was time to replace this system – so KEK became the first in the country to implement the DR 100e compact, mobile direct radiography (DR) solution.

“We needed excellent image quality, ease of use and smooth delivery, plus we wanted an archiving solution. But the most important criterion was reliability, including excellent support in the event of a problem, ” comments Dr. Sarpanen. “The advantages were felt very quickly in our fast-paced clinical environment, the DR 100e sped up and boosted our clinical workflow: we have much shorter queues for imaging.”

The DR 100e has also enhanced image quality for diagnosis and care planning. “The images are unbelievably sharp,” describes Dr. Sarpanen. “We actually had to relearn to interpret them, because there is so much more detail and information!”

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