Dura-line detectors are built to support you with three key values – confidence, workflow and image quality – so you can focus on your patient, not your equipment!

The panels’ IP67 waterproof rating and 1-meter drop height resistance let you work confidently and quickly without worrying about incidental damage, while the temperature range of 0-40°C makes them ideal for specialized applications, such as veterinary or military. Finally, the WPA2-PSK cybersecurity helps you keep patient data secure.

Dura-line detectors come with your choice of one or two batteries: the outstanding battery autonomy of up to 15 hours operating time (with 2 batteries) keeps you going throughout a shift, on one charge. The MUSICA® workstation also puts enhanced productivity at your fingertips, with an intuitive interface and fast image workflow. Three Wi-Fi antennas and a built-in hotspot provide for a truly portable experience.

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