With the DR 800 imaging multi-tool, the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has turned a dark fluoroscopy room at the West Suffolk Hospital into a productive space for dynamic imaging that eliminates waste and adds value to the patient’s care and experience.

The role of fluoroscopy procedures in imaging and patient care is changing, extending well beyond the traditional barium enema, says Nigel Beeton, Imaging Services Manager for West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. But when West Suffolk Hospital replaced its aging fluoroscopy unit with Agfa’s DR 800 direct radiography (DR) X-ray room, it not only got fast, high-quality dynamic imaging, but also a replacement for its computed radiography (CR) full leg/full spine system. The multi-tool, ergonomic DR room has enhanced patient and staff experience, sped up patient and imaging flow, and supported the hospital’s lean methods for improving patient care.

Offering very efficient and easy imaging, the DR 800 is supporting a faster exam flow for the department. “It has plenty of memory to acquire a lot of images, which is especially crucial for dynamic imaging,” describes Mr. Beeton. “It lets the user quickly access, store and process the images, and then get on to the next patient. And of course, the MUSICA image quality is excellent.” Mr. Beeton calls the DR 800 “a market-leading design”: “Dynamic images often have lower resolution, but the DR 800 provides amazing detail and resolution for moving and static images. It has the bandwidth to take data right off the detector and put it in front of the user in real time. It’s astonishing.”

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