What can you do with an intelligent DR workflow: Optimize productivity? Enhance patient care? Lower dose and increase safety? Ensure compliance with guidelines? With the MUSICA Digital  Nerve Center, you can do it all, because you are in control!

It’s a proven approach: every day, +2,000,000 MUSICA images are read globally, from the 65,000 MUSICA installations on CR and DR units around the world.

Smart tools that improve the imaging experience

By integrating intelligence in our solutions, even at the modality level, we are putting that intelligence right into your hands. But that’s not all we built in: when we designed the MUSICA Nerve Center, we worked alongside technologists and radiologists to deliver a solution that answers their requirements and tasks.

What does this mean, concretely? For technologists, we’ve created a smooth workflow, including a touch-enabled intuitive interface, fast previews, a vast number of exam presets for both static and dynamic images, and much more.

And for radiologists, the MUSICA Digital Nerve Center delivers much faster image access, comfortable reading, support for dynamic imaging and MUSICA image processing’s excellent image quality and high consistency, for confident diagnosis.

Tools of the trade

To get the most from your existing investments, MUSICA Acquisition Workstation offers dedicated tools for specialized imaging tasks, including mammography and Full Leg/Full Spine ‘stitching’. A broad range of precision tools let you spend less time acquiring images and more time with your patients: that’s real productivity!

You can find out a lot more about the MUSICA Digital Nerve Center, and how we are using intelligence to increase efficiency, image- and care-quality and safety, at our ECR 2019 booth 403. We look forward to seeing you there!