Early detection is critical to giving breast patients the best chance for survival; and imaging, awareness and self-care all play a role.   In close collaboration with the Health Ministry of Tunesia, Dr. Attaoui, radiologist and breast imaging specialist at the Centre D-Imagerie Médical Inilaka  and other doctors work to bring free care and greater awareness around breast health – not only during October, but also the rest of the year.

For five years, the Centre d’Imagerie Médicale Intilaka, in Tunisia has been supported in its patient care efforts by Agfa’s DX-M – a computed radiography (CR) solution with needle-based detectors that can deliver the high image quality required for mammography.

“Agfa’s DX-M has been a game-changer for us. As a small radiology center, we needed a cost-effective mammography solution offering no comprises in image quality. DX-M offers us a convenient, easy-to-use and very fast solution. With the needle-based imaging plates and MUSICA image processing, we get very high-quality results. There’s no need to change window-level, and images are right the first time. The high DQE with DXM’s needle plates gives us confidence that the patient’s images won’t be overexposed. Combined with the DRYSTAR AXYS printer, every detail is visible to the clinician’s eye, making it easier to detect subtle masses and microcalcifications” says Dr. Rihab Attaoui.

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