For its white paper, Frost & Sullivan interviewed heads of radiology departments working with the Agfa DR 800, on both sides of the Atlantic. They revealed their perspectives on how the multi-purpose solution helps them to remain competitive and meet the needs of the growing populations using their services.

The versatile DR 800 can handle a full range of radiography (including static exams and tilting exams) and fluoroscopy exams (including barium studies, arthrograms, cystograms, myelography, catheter placement, etc.), without the need for additional overhead tubes or separate wall stands. It can thus carry out the different types of imaging studies in a single room, with a single investment.

The report concludes by describing how the innovative, hybrid design of the DR 800 enables radiology providers to deliver quality images, improve workflow, reduce costs and keep patients and caregivers satisfied: ‘ The DR 800’s ability to conduct digital radiography exams and fluoroscopy procedures, and the added ability to do tomosynthesis, make it an easy choice for radiology department directors looking to optimize their programs.’

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