In its March 2021 issue, SERAM published an Agfa interview with Joaquín Galant Herrero, head of the radiology services at the University hospital of Sant Joan de Alicante.  Dr Herrero shares his experience with Agfa’s DR 100s mobile system.

Dr. Joaquín Galant Herrero explains how Agfa’s DR 100s mobile system has allowed his department to fight COVID-19 by obtaining high-quality images  through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chest radiographs. During the pandemic, mobile radiology systems became one of the axes of his service activities.

” The high quality images obtained by Agfa’s DR 100s are comparable to those taken in digital radiology rooms.  We have used the mobile system also at the bedside of patients that are to sick to be moved,” Dr . Herrero says, “The preview screen on the system allows immediate view of the bedside images.  This is especially useful in the treatment of critical patients or after placment of catheters, etc… ”

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