Healthcare facilities today face a shared challenge: to deliver increasingly high performance with the same number of staff and with a higher workload. But in radiology, in particular, ensuring a high standard of patient care through fast and confident diagnoses has always been a key objective. Teaching hospital Evangelische Kliniken (EVK) Gelsenkirchen in Germany is rising to the challenge with DR Retrofit systems from Agfa.

In EVK Gelsenkirchen, three DR Retrofit systems from Agfa were installed at the hospital: in radiology, the intensive care unit (ICU) and the associated outpatient medical center. The ICU was equipped with the ultramobile version of the DR Retrofit, which uses a mobile tablet PC as a workstation. “We were especially impressed by the amazing flexibility of the system,” says  Tanja Puch, senior radiographer.  Both the patient’s details and the MUSICA image processing software are available on a tablet PC. The patient is positioned on the detector, and the image is acquired with a mobile X-ray machine. “Thanks to WLAN, the images are available on the tablet in a matter of seconds, and we can perform quality control straight away. If necessary, we can do a retake without having to reposition the patient,” continues Tanja Puch.

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