Horses are true athletes, and equine sports medicine is unique in the veterinary world. For the Livet Equine Veterinary Medical Center, the goal isn’t only diagnosis and treatment, but also prevention. At the clinic, which performs 50,000 to 60,000 clinical exams each year, high-performance equipment is indispensable. Integrated within the conventional X-ray room, three digital detectors connected to the MUSICA Workstation, offer a practical and powerful solution even for the most complex exams.

“Imaging for horses has evolved a lot over the past years, even though for me it remains a complementary exam,” describes Dr. Caure, Veterinarian and specialist in locomotor disorders. “The technology today enables us to go further with investigating the pathology, and there are few high-level athletes who are monitored as closely as horses. These champions are extremely valuable due to their athletic performance, so there is a high financial stake and the owners are well educated about veterinary techniques.”

“Before, we were using four computed radiography (CR) cassette digitizers with imaging plates; but we wanted to evolve smoothly to direct radiography (DR). We compared several vendors, including Agfa in partnership with COVETO (a cooperative company created and owned by veterinarians). We organized trials that included back exams, which are more complex than leg imaging,” explains Dr. Caure. “The Agfa solution matched the requirements immediately! For the same image quality, the dose was much lower. Furthermore, financially, they had the best offer.”  The center’s Agfa solution includes three DR detectors: two DR 10e C (25 x 30 cm) and one DR 14e C (35 x 43 cm).

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