Over 63.000 MUSICA workstations are installed in radiology departments around the world. Radiographers use MUSICA to generate more than 2 million digital radiography images every day. However, discovering how MUSICA is being used is a tedious and time consuming task given the huge size and diversity of our installed base.

A project was started to automate the entire usage analysis. The analysis starts from a MUSICA snapshot in a log file with detailed information about recent X-ray activity. Automatic scripts collects the log files and translate them into large data sets to derive useful statistics.

The value of this usage analysis was investigated in workshops with key hospitals in the UK and US. Customers reported they could use the results to discover training needs, e.g. by looking at the most performed actions on the workstation, by performing repeat reject analysis of the acquired images, and investigating the manual cropping of images (see figures below).

Next steps

In a next step, combined snapshots (e.g., from various DR 600 systems throughout the world), could result in updated knowledge of our different systems in the field. First initiatives were already taken to collect additional snapshots and images from different customer sites. In the coming months, further evaluations will be performed on the potential of these tools for service, R&D and our customers.