A large catchment – nearly 1 million people – with a broad socioeconomic range means the 2000 staff members at Logan Hospital, in Meadowbrook, Queensland, Australia, deal with a very busy service and some challenging patient cases. The emergency department of this public, nontertiary hospital is one of the largest and busiest in the state of Queensland, with over 80,000 patients admitted each year.

In this demanding environment, time is of the essence when caring for patients – but quality, as always, comes first. For radiology, digital imaging plays a major role in achieving both. Throughout its digital imaging journey, Agfa has been a solution provider for Logan Hospital. And at the heart of Agfa’s imaging solutions, explains Michael Neep, Team Leader Radiographer at Logan Hospital, is the MUSICA image processing software.

“I think that other vendors and even many healthcare professionals don’t understand just how important image processing software is,” Michael starts. “What Agfa is offering with MUSICA is unique. Agfa produces exceptional image quality, and much of that is due to the MUSICA image processing. But the approach Agfa has taken does more: it speeds up pre- and post-processing, which is very important in a busy imaging environment. And it supports consistency of images, which is key for referrers and other doctors. Plus, it enables us to work on optimizing dose, so that we can really determine the lowest dose possible for our patients.”

“Both of our DR rooms in the radiology department are Agfa, and two of our three DR rooms in the emergency department are Agfa. Both departments also have Agfa mobile DR units,” explains Michael. “I’m using systems from some of the largest vendors in Australia, and when I compare them, I find the Agfa image quality is exceptional.”

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