In a two-step project, Radiological Group Practice (RGP) Mansfelder Land has chosen to modernize its sites at Hettstedt and Lutherstadt-Eisleben, with multiple Agfa direct radiography (DR) solutions. Both sites are attached to hospitals within the Helios network, one of the largest hospital groups in Europe.

Improved workflow and image quality for the Helios Clinic Hettstedt orthopedics-traumatology center was a priority for the project. “The full-leg/full-spine capability of the DX-D 300 was able to answer these needs completely.  And the DR600 functionalities have also played a role in improving the workflow.” describes Dr. Dietmar Handro, Manager for RGP Mansfelder Land. “Changing long-standing processes can be difficult. But our team’s familiarity with Agfa’s MUSICA imaging workstation, which is used with both the CR and DR solutions, helped things move smoothly.”

“We are very pleased that RGP Mansfelder Land chose Agfa for this important upgrade of its X-ray capabilities and workflow. With this project, Agfa will have a substantial part of its DR portfolio available centrally as a reference site, especially for interested parties from other Helios hospitals,” comments Birgit Menzel, Agfa Key Account Manager. “Furthermore, this has been an excellent pilot for our cooperation with RokoTech, which has been an Agfa partner starting 1 January 2020. It will now be expanding its previous role supporting RGP Mansfelder Land’s medical technology to include assisting the center on technical issues and maintenance.”

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