“The Royal Bolton X-ray team takes great pride in their imaging techniques and clinical image quality. We have a ‘first time right’ approach to delivering excellent imaging quality and training, that matches Agfa’s. We were attracted to the DR 600 by the focus on dose reduction, through immediate feedback on dose measured against LDRL (Local Dose Reference Levels), and the positive impact that the software design had on patient flow. In addition, we are very pleased to have found a general X-ray room that has the ability to work with the radiographer in achieving optimal image first time, through customization of the software,” comments Dr. Amanda Martin, Lead Radiographer, Royal Bolton Hospital.

“We are delighted that Bolton NHS Foundation Trust have put their confidence in Agfa and in our DR 600, which offers intelligent, leading-edge technology to ensure patient and operator comfort in the most complex and busy healthcare environments. Our team is collaborating closely with the team at Royal Bolton to develop an educational tool that will help radiographers understand specific positioning for both simple and complicated studies,” comments Martin Tew, Sales Director UK & Ireland for Agfa.

Dr. Amanda Martin concludes, “In short, the DR 600 works the way radiographers work. And it has the ability to address patient safety and radiographer education, whilst ensuring high-quality images are produced first time.”

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