Agfa announces that it will launch the  DR 100s high-productivity, ergonomic, mobile DR imaging solution, at RSNA 2019. With a customer-driven design that meets the needs of today’s healthcare environments, the DR 100s delivers a new force in mobile imaging. It combines agility, excellent DR image quality, fast image preview and a broad range of applications, including Chest, Abdomen, Skeletal and Long-Length stitching exams, to improve productivity while supporting enhanced patient care.

“The DR 100s is very maneuverable, even in a small space. You can make quite subtle movements: raising the column, turning the system in either direction. And the flexibility of the X-ray tube enables precise positioning,” comments Bart Van Loon, Radiographer, ZNA hospital network, Antwerp (Belgium).

“The DR 100s gives us excellent quality and dose for our bedside chest imaging. We can use a high kV technique, which enables a reduced radiation dose. We get ‘X-ray room’ image quality, with mobile advantages,” describes Claire Cooke, Radiographer Reporting Practitioner, West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UK). “The DR 100s has the same MUSICA image processing as our X-ray room. We can see the images right then and there, and do any windowing if necessary. The Wi-Fi connection is good, and the images are sent right off to the PACS.”

“We do portable imaging in every setting in the hospital: emergency, inpatient, neonatal, intensive care, even in the O.R. It’s important we have a unit that is versatile and easy to use, yet functions as a complete workstation. We also have a high expectation when it comes to image quality. Agfa’s MUSICA image processing provides the quality our radiologists expect,” comments Elizabeth Evans, X-Ray Modality Manager, AdventHealth, Florida (USA).

“ Mobile is one of the more challenging X-ray environments. The hardware/software combination of the DR 100s with its MUSICA intelligence brings clinical confidence comfort both for radiographer and radiologist.” explains, Georges Espada, Head of BU CR/DR.

“The DR 100s is an example of our commitment to transform imaging, by bringing our customers intelligent and definite answers to their daily challenges,” says Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice-president of the Radiology Solutions Division at Agfa. “This maneuverable and agile mobile system has been developed in collaboration with users around the world, to meet their needs for ease of use, comfort, image quality, dose reduction, flexibility, productivity, intelligence … That’s why we can confidently say it offers ‘a new force for mobile imaging’.”

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