At RSNA 2021, on November 28, Agfa launched its new VALORY digital radiography (DR) room. VALORY delivers a simple design with functionality that goes far beyond the “basics”, bringing reliability, productivity and “first-time-right” imaging into reach for any hospital.

“VALORY is a key addition to our comprehensive portfolio: it offers an ideal solution as a backup for large hospitals, or as the main X-ray system for smaller healthcare facilities, where equipment reliability is not an option but a must. These hospitals need robust, flexible and upgradable solutions: VALORY delivers this and more. With VALORY, we aim to go beyond expectations, to prove that ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘basic’. VALORY offers a modern design and functionalities, while meeting the reliability, productivity and ease-of-use requirements of healthcare providers under pressure. And it can grow and adapt with the hospital, making it a solid, secure investment for the future,” says Georges Espada, Head of Digital  Radiography for Agfa.

Read the full press release here.