Disinfecting Cassettes

Consulting & advice

To disinfect the cassettes, use only disinfectants approved by Agfa (see list of Approved disinfectants). If you plan to use other disinfectants, approval of Agfa is needed before use, as most disinfectants can damage the cassette. UV disinfection is also not allowed.
For detailed information on how to apply disinfection, refer to the instructions for use that are delivered with the disinfectant.

Following disinfectants have been found compatible with the cassette material and can be used on the outer surface of the cassette:

Organic acid based disinfectant wipes:
BLI-DES® SurfaceDisinfection MED – (BLI-DES® is a trademark of Blidor AG)

Quaternary ammonium salt based disinfectant wipes:
mikrozid® sensitive wipes – (mikrozid is a trademark of Schülke&Mayr GmbH)
Sani-Cloth® Active disposable wipes – (Sani-Cloth is a trademark of PDI®)

Frequent use of the quaternary ammonium salt based disinfectant can result in breaking of cassette parts. Therefore, avoid frequent use, it is recommended to limit the use to < 50 times during the life-time of the cassette.

If the cassette is used in an environment where disinfection is required or where it may get into contact with blood or other body fluids, use plastic envelopes to protect the cassette from direct patient contact. Make sure that the plastic envelope is not wrinkled to avoid the creases showing in the image.

WARNING: Before disinfecting the cassette, remove the image plate and assure that the cassette is clean. When necessary, you can clean the outside of the cassettes, preferably only with a damp cloth (water, soap).
WARNING: Do not use AGFA CR Phosphor Plate Cleaner, PROSAT wipes, AGFA CURIX screen cleaner or any other screen cleaners or alcohol containing liquid on the cassette surface, as this can cause damage to the cassette.
WARNING: Never pour liquids directly on the surface of the cassette, always use a clean, low-linting cloth dampened (not dripping) with the solution.
WARNING: Use in well-ventilated areas.
WARNING: Disinfecting solution/wipes may cause eye and skin irritation. Wash hands with soap and water following use. Consult the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and recommendations on the product label for additional information prior to use.
WARNING: Make sure that the cassette is properly decontaminated and disinfected before shipment.

Be sure that all surfaces are thoroughly dry before returning the cassettes to use.

Do follow the instructions of use as provided with the cleaning/disinfection product.

The selection and description of the appropriate disinfection procedure and policy is the responsibility of the user.

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