SmartRotate, an intelligent plug and play functionality that enhances productivity and the delivery of patient care by automatically presenting images ready for viewing, is now available for all Agfa direct radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) solutions. It is part of Agfa’s SmartXR portfolio, which offers predictive workflow assistance, speeding up the radiology workflow and enabling consistent viewing.  SmartRotate is available for Hand, Feet, Abdomen & Chest exams.

“By making SmartRotate available for all of our DR and CR solutions, we are meeting our commitment to put intelligent tools directly into the hands of radiographers, regardless of the size or budget of the hospital,” comments Georges Espada, Head of Digital & Computed Radiography for Agfa. “Recent data shows that 83% of all bedside chest X-rays require manual intervention to rotate images[1]. That adds up to as many as 70,000 manual clicks each year for a radiographer at a medium or large hospital, or almost 20 work hours lost, just for bedside exams. By putting X-ray intelligence to work, we are creating a real impact for radiographers, radiologists and the radiology department, on a day-to-day level.”

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