In the demanding environment of an intensive care unit, everything needs to run smoothly. For the ZNA hospital group, in Antwerp, Belgium, the DR 100s mobile imaging solution fits right in. Offering high productivity and high image quality, it also provides something more: a customer-driven design that enables unprecedented maneuverability and flexibility.

“Our most important criterion for a mobile imaging unit is its ability to maneuver smoothly and safely through the hospital, in rooms that are often small, and where we have a lot of peripheral equipment, such as in the intensive care unit,” starts Bart Van Loon, Radiographer, ZNA Hospital Network, Antwerp. Thanks to the FreeView collapsible, telescopic column and height-adjustable handle, driving the DR 100s is easy, he explains. “The column moves down effortlessly, allowing an excellent view while driving which helps prevent bumping into something or someone. As operating quite heavy equipment can be dangerous in a crowded and busy area, safety features like that are key.”

Image quality is a must, of course, and the DR 100s delivers. “The MUSICA image processing is a huge step ahead in imaging! We are very happy with the quality of the images, as are the radiologists who receive them. We can view the images immediately after acquisition, edit them, and transfer them to the hospital’s picture archiving and communication system (PACS), all quickly and easily.” For this long-time Agfa user, familiarity with the MUSICA user interface is another time-saver. “Any user can move from one Agfa digital imaging system to another seamlessly.”

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