In November 2020, Agfa delivered two new DR Retrofit systems with MUSICA  image processing to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, to upgrade its mobile and fixed X-ray capabilities from computed radiography (CR) to direct radiography (DR). Installation was quick and easy, and training was completed at the start of December.

With just a laptop and a digital detector, the vendor-neutral DR Retrofit has turned the hospital’s existing mobile imaging units and fixed X-ray rooms into DR solutions in an instant. The versatile DR workflow supports increased patient throughput and reduced dose.

“Agfa’s DR Retrofit systems will support us to meet our patient care goals and responsibilities, now and in the future,” says Natalie Gartland, Deputy Imaging Services Manager of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. “As our staff were already familiar with the Agfa CR, training for the DR Retrofit was easy, and everyone was quickly up to speed with the enhanced workflow. Upgrading to DR will make our imaging more efficient overall. But with the MUSICA Chest+ for gridless bedside chest imaging, our mobile imaging in particular will see a big increase in productivity, as well as in comfort for both staff and patients.”

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