The long-term contract is expected to include >60 DR systems, covering mobile and fixed DR, that offer high image quality, low dose and an intuitive workflow.

Spire Healthcare, a leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom that delivered tailored, personalized care to almost 750,000 inpatients and day patients in 2020, has chosen to fit a significant number of its 40 hospitals across the UK with Agfa direct radiography (DR) systems and solutions. Agfa will be the preferred provider of mobile X-ray, ceiling X-ray rooms and Fluoroscopy rooms during the long-term contract.

“We have been using Agfa DR at two of our sites, and were very pleased with the results; they deliver the high image quality, low dose and intuitive workflow we need to provide outstanding personalized care to our patients. By choosing to install Agfa DR across a significant number of our hospitals over the next three years, we are confident that we are making the best decision to support our mission of delivering high standards of care, with integrity and compassion and from high-quality facilities,” comments Ben Foxley, Head of Procurement of Spire Healthcare.

“We are delighted that, based on their real-life experience with Agfa and our DR solutions, Spire Healthcare has chosen to put their trust in us, and to foster a closer and longer-term relationship between our two organizations” says Martin Tew, Sales Director UK & Eire for Agfa.

Georges Espada, Global Head of Digital Radiography business at Agfa adds: ‘We are committed to putting smart solutions into the hands of radiology departments, and to providing them with concrete answers that meet their real needs. This agreement with Spire Healthcare shows that we are on the right path, delivering exceptional usability, high quality, low dose and more.”

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