For over 25 years, Agfa’s MUSICA image processing has been synonymous with quality medical imaging. And controlling the flow of that imaging has been MUSICA’s digital Nerve Center.
With its customer-driven workflow and powerful, innovative features and functionalities, the MUSICA Nerve Center incorporates more than a century of medical imaging know-how.
Your DR and CR imaging workflows – including general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, Full Leg/Full Spine and now even high-speed tomosynthesis – are smooth and efficient.
AT ECR 2019, Agfa will highlight the INTELLIGENCE of MUSICA.
MUSICA is an intelligent image processing.
Dose and body part independency and consistency on every Agfa DR and CR solution are only two of the features. It supports our ‘first-time right’ approach since no post-processing will be required. It is available for 2D and 3D digital radiology images. At our diagnostic workstations, the excellent image quality can be observed on real clinical cases.

And, MUSICA is also a lot more than image processing.
MUSICA supports intelligence from other angles too. Simplification of exposure techniques, dose reduction, more efficient workflow, dose management and radiologist readings are only possible with MUSICA as state-of-the-art image processing as basis of it all.
For more details on the new efficiency improvements of MUSICA, come and meet us at ECR 2019 at the Agfa booth for an in-depth expert session on the intelligence of MUSICA followed by hands-on demo of interesting clinical cases.

Thu Feb 28: 01.30pm/Fri Mar 1: 10.30 am & 03.00pm/Sat Mar 2: 11.30am

Agfa booth #403 – Hall X4