Everest Imaging Center in Amman, Jordan, has a clear philosophy: to support excellent patient care in Amman and beyond, by providing the best possible diagnostic results and image quality.  That’s why Everest Imaging Center has chosen to make Agfa its sole supplier for all of the direct radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) systems.

When the Center decided to update its X-ray modality portfolio in 2018, Mr. Belal Al Ayasra, technician and owner of Everest Imaging Center, took a look at Agfa’s solutions – and was very impressed. “Our philosophy is that you need the best image quality to get the best diagnostic report,” starts Mr. Al Ayasra. “With the Agfa DR and CR systems plus MUSICA image processing, I believe we are getting some of the best image quality in Jordan.”

“The Agfa solutions and MUSICA image processing, have improved our workflow: imaging is very fast, and with MUSICA we can easily manage the parameters of contrast, brightness and sharpness,” continues Mr. Al Ayasra. “We have also been able to use a high kVp/low mA imaging technique for chest and some other, low-thickness organs, with excellent results, enabling us to reduce dose even while improving image quality. Images are consistent, with very high quality. And the MUSICA Acquisition Workstation’s interface is easy to use and handle: you get your results with only a few steps, compared to other vendors.” The same interface is used for all Agfa CR and DR solutions, increasing staff efficiency and reducing the need for training.

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