At the RSNA2021 Innovation theater, Jeroen Cant, Phd, Research Leader at Agfa Radiology Solutions, presented the Power of MUSICA.

Ever since the digitalization of X-ray exams more than 3 decades ago, advanced image processing was needed to make raw X-ray images more readable to the human eye.  Agfa’s image processing, MUSICA, has been a pioneer in multiscale X-ray processing enabling radiologists to read a complete X-ray exam without having to change the window and level of the image.

In his presentation, Jeroen talks about our findings in some initial clinical studies, applying the power of MUSICA to CT images.   CT scans which were post-processed by MUSICA have been presented to radiologists.  The effect of eliminating the need to read the scans in different windows has been evaluated, and promising applications were found in two clinical use cases: fast poly trauma evaluation, and lesion detection in oncology for chest and abdomen.

Watch his presentation here.