Today the Gävle hospital has a total of four DR 600 systems installed at the X-ray department.
Three Skeleton and Lung labs and one Wall stand only solution. The hospital, which is the regional Hospital for Region Gävleborg in Sweden, performs around 90K examinations per year and half of it are skeleton and lung examinations. In total, the hospital has five Skeleton and Lung labs, three MRI, tree CT systems, three Ultra sounds and one fluoroscopic system and around 100 people work at the X-ray department. It is one of our reference hospitals in the Nordic region for both DX-D 100 (two system in use) and DR 600.

Agfa won the tender for two conventional systems beginning of 2017. We installed the first two DR 600 during June and August 2017. Beginning of this year they decided to purchase also the two optional systems from our tender and this because the radiographers appreciate very much the easiness and the effectiveness of our systems, which also have an outstanding image quality. This allows them to focus on their patients instead.

We have a very nice cooperation with the clinic and their own Med Tech people have followed several trainings in Munich to perform the first line services on the systems.

“To win this tender was a big step for us here in the Nordic region. Together with the installed DR 600 in Norway and the upcoming installation in Copenhagen in June of one more DR 600 we are sure that we will benefit from installed base to convince more hospitals to go for our DR 600 system.” commented Pia Ström, Imaging Business Partner, Nordic Region.