Seacroft Hospital, in Leeds, UK, is part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the UK’s largest and busiest acute hospital trusts.  As part of a joint venture between Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the University of Leeds and Agfa, a DR 600 X-ray room was installed at Seacroft Hospital. This DR room was set up as a ‘hybrid’ X-ray room for both live imaging and simulations. It is thus the first ‘Clinical Skills’ X-ray room of its kind, and can be used both for training student radiographers, and for treating the hospital’s patients.

“The Clinical Skills room offers a solution to a known need in the UK for increasing the number of students studying diagnostic imaging. This facility will provide the student radiographers with a unique opportunity to both work with simulations, and also with actual patients. The diagnostic radiography education team are not aware of another academic university in the UK being able to offer this opportunity to its students, but considering the advantages, we imagine more will follow suit in the future,” stated Voyin Pantic, Radiography Lecturer, and Helen Harcus, Programme Lead for Diagnostic Radiography.

“This bidirectional collaboration between industry and academia at a core educational level opens up a new platform for testing innovation in the areas of intelligence and user models. By enabling opportunities to monitor and learn, it offers an incubator for possible future extensions of our AI applications. And it will be the source of new white papers and other educational material that will benefit the healthcare sector at large,” explains Georges Espada, Head of Digital Radiography, Agfa.

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