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Radiology virtual booth
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Excellence. Pure and simple.

  • Modular design
  • Optimised efficiency
  • Proven Reliability
  • First time right images
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X-ray intelligence at work

  • SmartXR offers a predicitive workflow assistance
  • A helping hand at the point of care
  • For improved productivity and consistent outcomes
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DR 100s

A new force in mobile imaging

Agfa DR 100s
  • Exceptional agility and ergonomics
  • Excellent DR image quality and potential for dose reduction
  • High productivity bedside imaging
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DR 800

Digital imaging multitool

Agfa DR 800
  • Advanced clinical applications including Digital Tomosynthesis
  • LiveVision technology allows accurate dose-free remote positioning
  • Uncompromising chest imaging through 180 cm SID
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DR 600

Ultimate speed, precision, comfort imaging

Agfa DR 600
  • Ultimate speed, precision and comfort
  • SmartXR technology
  • Digital tomosynthesis
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DR 400

Scalable DR within your reach

Agfa DR 400
  • Complete scalable DR solution
  • Affordable floor-mounted DR without compromise
  • Higher throughput with a lower cost per examination
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DX-D 300

A compact solution for a wide range of exams

Agfa DX-D 300
  • Affordable way to go DR
  • Optimal flexibility for universal use
  • High image quality and potential for dose reduction
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DR 100e

A compact, mobile imaging system

Agfa DR 100e
  • Your path to Direct Digital at your own pace
  • Wireless detector for improved flexibility and infection control
  • Convenient and cost-effective
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Probably the best image processing in the world


Dura-line Detectors

Confidence – Workflow – Image quality

Dura-line DR panel series
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Dose Reduction

The right dose of expertise

radiology dose reduction
  • Focus on the patient with MUSICA image processing software
  • Up to 60% less dose*

* Testing with board certified Radiologists has determined that Cesium Bromide (CR) and Cesium Iodide (DR) Detectors when used with MUSICA processing can provide dose reductions between 50 to 60% when compared to traditional Barium Fluoro Bromide CR systems. Contact Agfa for more details.

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Diagnostic printing for consistently sharp images

  • Daylight insensitive media
  • A#Sharp for consistently sharp images
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
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Cost-effective robust systems with DR-like image quality

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Enable your radiology department
to operate at it’s full potential

  • Full portfolio of maintenance, support and consulting services
  • Remote services: ready when you need assistance
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