Watford General Hospital, part of the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has refurbished two existing X-ray rooms in its emergency department with Agfa’s ceiling-suspended DR 600 solutions, and implemented a mobile DR 100s unit to provide imaging in A&E. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the three Agfa solutions were successfully implemented in December 2020.

“When selecting our new DR fixed and mobile systems, robustness and high image quality were critical, but we also needed solutions that would be easy for our staff to use. The DR 600 and DR 100s both fit the bill,” says Antony Butcher, A&E Lead Radiographer for Watford General Hospital. “The upgrade from CR to DR for mobile imaging has proved invaluable especially in the current climate. As our radiography staff were already familiar with Agfa’s CR systems, they very quickly learned to use the DR equipment. Now, the department can rely on the newly refurbished X-ray rooms, and the new mobile DR 100s unit, to support the increasing workload in our emergency setting and to increase patient throughput. Both rooms perform about 67000 examinations pa.”

“We are very proud that Watford General Hospital and West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, as existing Agfa CR customers, chose Agfa for their DR needs in the emergency department,” says Jagesh Buttoo, Business Development Manager – London and East England, for Agfa. “The two DR 600 X-ray rooms, complemented by the mobile DR 100s, provide a total Agfa DR solution for this challenging environment. The staff can do their work with confidence that they are using state-of-the-art DR, including MUSICA software, to provide the best imaging for their patients and to reduce dose.”

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