Preparing for Medicare
Reimbursement Reductions
for Film and CR

In light of the 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which recently became law, and its Medicare reimbursement reductions on outpatient film beginning in 2017 and CR exams beginning in 2018, we have developed our Fast Forward to DR Program to help health systems using film and CR to cost-effectively upgrade their facilities to DR technology.

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Discover the program


Discover the program


Discover the program

Never standing still

Healthcare will never stand still: it continues to move toward better patient care,
greater efficiency and enhanced workflows


Fast Forward to brochure

Fast Forward includes our ‘stage-by-stage’ guidance to support and improve your digital imaging evolution:

  • Advance along the path from computed radiography (CR) using traditional powder imaging plates (IP’s) to either the latest generation of CR using crystalline Cesium needle IP’s or directly towards cassette-less based direct radiography (DR) with dose reductions of 50% and more
  • Add industry-leading MUSICA image processing software, now in its 3rd generation, to your CR or DR solution
  • Keep your acquisition station secure and ensure continued software support, with any software improvements and trends
  • Add the strength and expertise of our support services to your facility

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