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Digital Imaging

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Step into digital imaging with the Easy Payment Scheme

Too often, high equipment and service costs plus a slow return on investment prevent healthcare providers from adopting advanced technologies such as digital imaging.

With Agfa’s Easy Payment Scheme, healthcare facilities of any size and any imaging volume – high or low – can adopt a brand-new CR or DR system. So you, your staff and your patients get all the advantages of digital radiography, including higher quality images, increased productivity and a smoother, more efficient workflow.

With the Easy Payment Scheme, you pay as you go, with a fixed down payment followed by equal, scheduled installments.

All you have to do is:
  • sign a sales agreement with Agfa HealthCare and provide KYC documents
  • pay the balance amount through the online payment gateway as per schedule
  • have an internet connection and a Debit/Credit Card, Net banking facility as listed by payment gateway solution provider
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Please note:
The Easy Payment Scheme-program is only valid for India.
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In the spotlight

E-waste recycle information

Do’s and don’ts for customers


  • Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of life equipment handling
  • Ensure that only Authorized Recyclers repair and handle your electronic products.
  • Always call our E-waste Authorized Collection centers / points to dispose products that have reached end-of life.
  • Always drop your used electronic products batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-waste Collection Centers point.
  • Always disconnect the battery from product and ensure any glass surface is protected against breakage.


  • Do not dismantle your electronic products on your own.
  • Do not throw electronics in bins having “Do not Dispose” sign.
  • Do not give e-waste to informal (Kabbadi) and unorganized sectors like Local Scrap Dealer Rag Pickers.
  • Do not dispose your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimate reaches landfills.

E-waste connection centers list

We have signed an agreement with M/s. GLOBAL WASTE SOLUTION, who are an authorized dismantler and recycler having authorization from Haryana Pollution control board as our new Recycler, who shall be responsible for all the EPR activities including collection transportation storage, segregation and dismantling and recycling with regards to our E-Waste. We will use our recycler Partner’s collection points for channelization of the e-waste. We don’t have collection points in all the states but the collection points of neighbouring state will collect the e -waste from nearby states. States wise list of collection points are given below.

Details of Collection Points already established by GLOBAL WASTE SOLUTION are as follows:

Download pdf of GWS Collection Point list.

Toll free numbers of Global Solution:

For Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Mizoram – Toll Free No. 1800-2700-038
For rest of India – Toll Free No. 1800-2707-666
Agfa’s Toll Free No. 1800-1231-761