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“We can carry out high quality imaging exams, with the lowest patient radiation dose reasonably achievable, while benefiting from an exceptional economic value.”
Administrative Director of Radiology, Kettering Health Network, US

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With our DR solutions, the patient is usually in and out in 15 minutes – about half of the time it took before.
Diagnostic Services Manager, Yeovil District Hospital, UK

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Focal Spot: White Paper

In daily clinical practice, using only the large focal spot has many potential advantages: simplifying workflow, but also – indirectly – having a positive impact on image quality and financial aspects.

This study demonstrates that there is no significant difference in clinical image quality between large and small focal spot for several types of X ray extremity radiographs at standard exposure conditions. For on-table exposures of extremities at standard SID using DR detectors with standard pixel pitch, the small focal spot has no added value and hence can be omitted.

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Equipment hygiene takes center stage 

Following disinfection procedures are key to enable the proper disinfection of your Agfa DR system and detectors, while ensuring the optimal operation and lifetime of your devices.

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